In a time where it seems Republicans and Democrats in Congress cannot compromise on any legislation, one issue they agree on is investing in technology to stay competitive with China. On Tuesday June 9th, the Senate approved the $250 billion U.S. Innovation and Competition Act aimed at strengthening American technology production and development, the bill passing with a 68-32 vote. The bill’s co-sponsor, Senator Todd Young (R-IN) joins to discuss how the bill will take on China through investments into American technology, how news of this legislation has angered the officials within Chinese Communist Party and he breaks down why Americans lose faith when leaders in the U.S. entertainment industry act deferential to China.

President Biden is on his first foreign trip since taking office. The President is in Europe and set to participate in the G-7 and NATO summits and will end his trip with an in-person meeting in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin. FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace discusses the importance of the President’s overseas trip, what we can expect from it and the criticism from both sides surrounding President Biden agreeing to meet with Russia’s president in the first place. Chris also weighs in on former Vice President Harris’ first foreign trip in Central America this week and the mixed reviews she received from both sides.

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