President Biden recently released his 2022 budget which calls for over $6 trillion in spending for the coming fiscal year. Meanwhile, the country is still in pandemic emergency spending mode with federal unemployment benefits continuing until September 2021 and congressional Democrats already looking at the possibility of a fourth stimulus check. Ranking Member on the House Committee on Ways and Means Representative Kevin Brady (R-TX) joins to discuss how he believes the wasteful continued spending on COVID relief only serves to pile on to the national debt. He also discusses how Republicans seek to protect working people by preventing an increase in the capital gains tax, predicts voters will rebuke the Democratic agenda in 2022 and looks ahead to Republican prospects in 2024.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more common as it gains popularity worldwide. China is creating is its own cryptocurrency, El Salvador is now going to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Even the mayor of Miami, Florida is thinking about offering it to government employees as payment, if they want it. While crypto is growing it does come with a lot of risk as well, including ransomware attacks. The most recent one was the Colonial Pipeline attack that demanded payment in the digital currency, which is harder to trace. FOX Business Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino explains what cryptocurrency and block chains are, if there is a steady future for it, and the skepticism behind it.

Plus, commentary by Dan Gainor, vice president for TechWatch, business and culture at the Media Research Center.