Senator Lindsey Graham spoke with Brian Kilmeade about his recent piece on the politicization of the origins of Covid-19 and how that impacted the 2020 election. Graham questioned why a group of scientists penned a letter calling it a conspiracy theory in early 2020 if people question the origins of the coronavirus. Graham said the media ran with the letter and vilified President Trump, Senator Cotton and others for suggesting the virus started from a lab leak. Graham also responded to President Biden saying the Pentagon told him the biggest threat to America is climate change. Graham said he doesn’t believe our military leadership told President Biden the biggest national security threat we face is climate change but if it is true they did say that, Graham questions their ability to lead and feels they should all be fired.

Plus, Senator Graham on if he thinks Senator Manchin will be able to continue to stand up to democrats and not vote to end the filibuster.