Crime is on the rise in many big cities across America as law enforcement prepares for an uptick in violence this summer. Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) weighs in on the surging crime rates across the U.S. and what is driving them. He also discusses the disparity in crack cocaine and powder cocaine sentencings and why he supports removing it to help repair community relationships with law enforcement and improve confidence in the criminal justice system.

The United States continues to turn a corner on COVID-19 with cases of the virus sharply declining across the country and citizens continuing to get vaccinated. However in May, two small counties in Missouri saw their coronavirus numbers surge. Medical Director of the Linn County Health Department, Dr. Kendal Geno joins to discuss how the circumstances in his county aligned to create a large spike in coronavirus cases, how the county saw many people who had the virus become re-infected and how the issue of vaccine hesitancy contributed to his county’s recent COVID-19 spread.

Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America.”