“I respect him and I do think he’s well intended. I’ve just disagreed with him with every single part of the pandemic strategy, with the exception of maybe masks in the middle of the pandemic. So, you know, he’s had a bad week.”

“I don’t know if Tony Fauci listens to your show but if he is listening right now, here’s what I would suggest he say. You know, I got a couple of things wrong, and I’m very deeply sorry. I didn’t see the pandemic coming and that it would be as bad as it was. I should have prepared the country better. So it wasn’t like the Rapture where are people running to the grocery store and finding their kids and locating their long lost relatives stuck overseas in the matter of an afternoon or I was wrong on masks, I was wrong on schools. I knew better that kids don’t have to wear masks outdoors in summer camps. But I didn’t speak up because I was afraid of stepping on the toes of the CDC. How about some of that honesty and humility?”