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Brit Hume, Senior political analyst for Fox News Channel joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the emerging evidence that Covid-19 came from a lab leak in China.

Brit Hume said,

“Well, there was never a good reason to dismiss it out of hand because the Chinese were not particularly transparent about this at all. And, you know, it’s the kind of behavior to make you think they had something to hide. And, of course, if it was a leak out of their laboratory, that would be something that a government like that would want to hide and perhaps any government want to hide. So, you know, that right away gives you suspicion that something’s fishy here. It’s also it has a certain inherent plausibility that, you know, you’ve got work going on on similar viruses in the neighborhood of where this where this outbreak began. And then you’ve got this kind of elaborate theory about how it was, you know, from these animals that exotic animals we don’t know very much about, at least in this part of the world we don’t. And that’s the leap to humans and that’s how it happened. Now we find out, of course, that several staff members at the Wuhan lab had gotten sick about the time all this began. So, you know, for for a long time, it seems to me, and particularly recently, there has been reason to suspect that this was a very viable theory of how it came about. But it always was. It was always a plausible theory that needed to be established, but it never should have been dismissed in the way it was.”