As “woke ideology” makes its way through the secular culture, one author Noelle Mering says it’s actually on a collision course with Christianity. In the fall of 2020, at Loyola Academy, a tony Catholic prep school outside of Chicago, parents began whispering to one another about the loud and swiftly escalating political ideology pressing into all corners of their kids’ education. High-paid diversity consultants were brought in for the sake of training faculty and students on Critical Race Theory and Woke ideology. But many of the parents, some very progressive, realized the consultants’ message preached an agenda that is in direct conflict with that of the Gospel. Mering writes about the dilemma in an article in the National Catholic Register. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast Mering dissects the disease of Woke ideology and its infiltration into all communities, as an evangelization of a doctrine at odds with Christianity. She said after the article appeared she got calls from several parents around the country saying the same thing was happening in their Catholic schools. Mering, the author of the book “Awake Not Woke,” outlines three ways the Woke ideology assaults Church teaching: it rejects the individual person, even putting its ideology over parents’ authority; it rejects reason, by squashing honest dialogue in a quest for power; and it rejects reverence for the authority of God. Mering writes: “What is rejected–reason, the person, and authority–the three characteristics of the Logos, which is the mind of God, communicated in the person of Jesus Christ, who is the author of, and authority over, all. Whether explicitly or not, he is the ultimate target of the woke revolt.”