On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. James Comer(R-KY) discussed how former President Trump’s suspension from Facebook shows the need for social media companies to be regulated, something the Democrats were once on board with.

“Before Donald Trump, the Democrats were the ones wanting to ban Big Tech, they were the ones wanting to overregulate Big Tech because Big Tech was powerful and Big Tech was profitable. And they paid their CEOs a lot of money and the shareholders made a lot of money. So the Democrats automatically had suspicion of Big Tech. So once they started censoring conservatives, then the liberals love big tech, you know, why are you all picking on Facebook and Twitter? You know, Parler’s the bad one here. So I think that the Democrats realize that Big Tech is going to have to be dealt with and they can’t pick and choose what they’re allowed to post on their platform. So this is something that I think the Democrats are coming around, coming back around, because they were there before Trump and they’re coming back around this now.”