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Martha MacCallum, executive editor & anchor of The Story 3pm ET & Fox News Politics co-anchor joins Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discus her interview with the National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins.

Martha MacCallum said,
“Yeah, I mean, scientists should not jump to conclusions, and this is what I said to him, why did you and Dr. Fauci jump to the conclusion so quickly when you didn’t have any evidence of this zoonotic transfer that you are so invested in? And you said, well, because historically that’s how coronaviruses traveled. Well, that may be. But I mean, that’s your scientific answer?”

Martha Added,
“Well, I think the more we learn about the discussions that were going on, the more understanding we get of the fact that we were all sort of, as I said to Dr. Collins yesterday, waved off of this lab leak theory early on. And my question was why? Because today we still don’t know whether or not this covid-19 SARS 2 pandemic had a zoonotic source, a natural animal transmission source, or whether it came from a lab leak. So because we still don’t know, we have no verification of either of those two possible avenues, it really becomes more and more evident that there was an obvious effort to steer us away from option two and convince everyone that option one was the only way to go. What even all of these months later, we have zero evidence of that. Not one animal has been found as a transmissive animal from a bat. In fact, the bat that had coronavirus has not been located either. And in the past, with the other two SARS and murres, similar coronaviruses, they were detected early on. It went to a civet, which is a kind of cat with the with the SARS virus, with Meurs. It was contracted from a bat through a drought, through camels to to the human source.”