On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Leo Terrell explained why President Biden played the race card during his speech in Tulsa and why the Democratic Party is worried about losing Black voters.

“This guy is a racist. He uses Black voters for his own personal use. And when he made that comment yesterday, he insulted the Black community. But they laugh and they go along with it. And I’ll tell you why. Barack Obama said that a couple of days ago, the Democrats really fear a exodus of Black voters. If Black voters leave the Democratic Party, there will be no Democratic Party. They cannot survive. So that’s why you see this race pandering 24/7. Everything he said yesterday in Tulsa was designed to play the race card and it is getting old. When I spoke to President Trump, he applauded me because I’m exposing this. That’s a game, the race card game, is usually played every four years, they’re playing it every day now.”