On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Sen. Marco Rubio gave his takes on a wide range of issues from why he voted against the Jan. 6th Commission, to John Cena’s apology video to why he thinks there should be more investigation into the reports of UFOs near military installations.

“They want to keep that whole story alive. The whole issue is it was a terrible day, a terrible day. What happened should never have happened, it should never happen again. And everyone responsible for all of it, if you went in there and you attacked police officers and you did this and that, you should go to jail. And they are, they’re being prosecuted right now as we speak. The Justice Department has hundreds and hundreds of open criminal investigations. And as part of these criminal investigations, they’re investigating everything and they’re going to find out everything, that’s all there, that’s all been looked at. The Democrats subjected this country to an impeachment trial of a president no longer in office, that it looked at all kinds of evidence and put that all together and put it out there on national television. The Capitol Police Commission has studied the security breakdowns that led to that day. Individual committees in the House and Senate are still looking at this and about things on that day. So this has been widely investigated.”

“What this is in my mind, and everyone should just cut the crap and just admit what it is because it’s the truth. They want a political weapon. What they want to be able to do is have a commission where they can say, I want to speak to Congressman so-and-so. I want to subpoena him for testimony. And somebody will say they have nothing to do with it. Like under what proof? And it’s like, whoa, what are you hiding? Why don’t you come testify? And now that they’ve smeared Congressman So-and-so or at least raise doubts about what they had to do with that day. And that’s perfect because that may help them beat them next year in the election. It’s a complete political weapon and that’s what they’ve designed it as. And Nancy Pelosi is a partisan. She’s a political partisan. She’s not a policy person. She’s driven by winning elections and maintaining power. In many ways, that’s what her job is, I suppose. And it’s just a question of whether she wants to drive that narrative.”

“There isn’t a single movie studio in Hollywood that can produce a movie with a Chinese communist government bad guy. Yeah. You can’t do it because it won’t be distributed in China. And they don’t want to walk away from that market. So that’s how you get John Cena, who by all accounts is a nice guy, doing this basically hostage video last week apologizing for calling Taiwan a country that’s already happening. I’m not saying he’s an evil human being for doing it. I’m just telling you, he didn’t come up with that on his own. I guarantee you someone called him from the studio that’s producing something and said you better get something out there right now because we’re going to get hit at the box office and it’s going to come out of your check or out of your proceeds. They want the movie to be widely distributed in China. They’re making money off of that.”

“These are the facts. The facts are that there are things flying over our military installations. They don’t belong to us. They seem to evidence some technological advancement that we don’t have and have never seen. And they’re not ours. We have no idea who they are. Just the fact that stuff is flying near our military installations in restricted airspace. That’s my view of it. Look, maybe there’s a perfectly good explanation for it. Maybe there isn’t, I don’t know. I mean, what if this is, for example, some technological leap that we get surprised by while we’re building aircraft carriers, some adversaries building submarines that can launch small drones that fly at speeds we’ve never seen before with no propulsion, no wings and the like and we didn’t know about it. I mean, that been one heck of a technological leap and a huge strategic surprise. So we have to know what the stuff is, we have to at least try to know what these things are. I’ve never seen one. I’m only going off what dozens of highly trained military pilots, the best pilots in the world who we entrust our national security to, are saying to us, that’s what I’m going off of.”