On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren explained why she thinks Democrats want a nationalized police force to have more control in society.

“When we’re talking about the defund the police movement, a lot of people are perplexed by it. Why would individuals in this country want to remove their police protection? Why would anybody want to do that? But I have more of a theory. I don’t believe that the Democrats truly want to defund the police. Maybe they’re the far-left leftist, the BLM activist, the social justice warriors who are so woke on their keyboards, maybe they do because they’re blissfully ignorant. But I don’t think the Democratic Party, how can they believe in defund the police? What I believe their end goal is, is to create chaos, mayhem, lawlessness, and then come in and say, you know what, everything has gotten so crazy, we need to nationalize the police force, take the power away from the states, take the power away from the cities, localities, the police department, the sheriff’s department, and make it a national policing force. They always want to move that power into the federal government. And I believe that this is the step that they’re going to use to get there, just like we’ve seen them do with everything else this past year. It’s all about control. It’s all about taking that control and centralizing that control with those who were in power, which happens to be almost exclusively Democrats at the federal level.”