On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) criticized schools teaching “critical race theory,” and why Jen Psaki should not be lending her support to its use.

“Why is anybody listening to her? Jen Psaki is wrong. Critical race theory, the way that they use it, the way they saw this curriculum-set Pollyanna that’s moving through too many schools across the country. This stuff is hate. It is hateful. What they’re doing, for the people who are listening who don’t know, that they have these module groups where they literally are segregating people by race. So if you are Black or a person of color, they put you in one group. If you’re white, they put you in another group. And what the people who are white are being told is that they have to essentially study the triangle of white supremacy, not in that explicit detail, but they’re basically dumbing them down, saying you are the problem. Because of your whiteness or because you were born white, then all of a sudden you are supporting systemic racism just by the fact that you were born and the privilege that you have. This is hateful. You’re teaching young kids to, frankly, self-censor themselves or that they are now less than black people.”

“We just got to have tolerance for each other. We have to have honesty with one another. We should embrace each other, but we should not subjugate one person below another simply because of their race. It was wrong during the Jim Crow era. It was wrong during slavery. It was wrong during reconstruction. And it’s wrong today going the other way. Jen Psaki is a moron. Do not listen to what she says.”