On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) explains how President Biden has undone all the good work former President Trump accomplished in the Middle East and how it has led to the possibility of a dangerous war.

“When Donald Trump was president, we had four remarkable years in the Middle East. And it really started from two decisions he made early on. Number one, in his first year as president, there was a big debate about whether to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Both the State Department and Defense Department argued that he shouldn’t do so. And I made the case to Trump directly. I said, look, this is the right thing to do. Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Republican and Democratic presidents have promised to do this in the past. They break their promises over and over and over again. And President Trump agreed with me. He overruled his own Secretary of State. He overruled his own Secretary of Defense. He moved the embassy, I was there the day we opened the embassy in Jerusalem. It was the seventh anniversary of the date of the creation of the modern state of Israel. It was not coincidental that that very same week is when the Trump administration announced they were pulling out of the catastrophic Obama Iran nuclear deal and the two were connected. Just like with the embassy, both State and Defense argued against pulling out of that deal. And just like with the embassy, I went to the President directly and said this deal is disastrous. He agreed with me. He overruled State and Defense. Those decisions, what they did, is they made abundantly clear, both to our friends and to our enemies, that America stands unequivocally with Israel and what it produced was a flowering of peace in the Middle East. We saw the Abraham Accords. We saw Bahrain and the UAE negotiating historic peace deals with Israel. I spoke with the ambassadors and foreign ministers of both UAE and Bahrain. Both said the same thing to me. They said, it is now clear to us that America stands with Israel, we want to be friends with America, therefore we will be friends with Israel.”

“So what did Joe Biden do? He screwed all of that up. He came in, immediately began undermining Israel, immediately began sending hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, terrorists in the Middle East. And his top foreign policy objective is to give billions of dollars to the Ayatollah Khomeini, a radical Islamist who routinely chants ‘Death to America and Death to Israel.’ And the people that Joe Biden is funding are the people who are raining rocket attacks on Israel. And it is because Biden and Kamala Harris’ ambiguity and refusal to stand up to our friends. When you don’t stand with our friends and when you send money to our enemies, bad things happen. And we’re on the verge of a very dangerous war in the Middle East because of the mistakes of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”