(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

Senator Bill Cassidy MD (R-LA) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s senate testimony and the need to find out the truth of how the coronavirus started. Cassidy says we need to know as much as possible in order to prevent the next pandemic but he does not trust the WHO to investigate the origins of Covid. Cassidy also weighed in on the breaking news of Liz Cheney being removed as House GOP Conference Chair. Cassidy believes republicans have to listen to both sides of the party, those who agree with Cheney and those who disagree with Cheney. Cassidy says if republicans are going to win in two years they have to be a party that listens and comes together. When asked if he would vote for Donald Trump if he is the Republican nominee in 2024, Cassidy responded, “He’s not going to be our nominee.” Cassidy said he did support President Trump’s policies but feels Donald Trump cost the republicans the House, Senate and Presidency.

Plus, Senator Cassidy on the Russian cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline and the need for the federal government and private sector to be cyber secure from overseas threats.