America’s infrastructure has been attacked. Last week’s cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline Co. shut down critical fuel network supply lines and raised the possibility of gas price hikes and fuel shortages. National security experts have long worried about these attacks, and fear future ones on our critical infrastructure could get much worse. Bruce Schneier, a security technologist and lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School, explains how the Colonial Pipeline attack took place, how similar ransomware could cause much more damage and how this is what future wars could resemble. Then, former CIA station chief and Fox News contributor Daniel Hoffman, explains what our national security services can do to prevent such attacks and fight back.

The pandemic has revealed major weaknesses in the American supply chain system and the latest case of this can be seen in the skyrocketing price of lumber in the United States. Fox News and Fox Business Network Correspondent Grady Trimble joins to explain how the supply of lumber has been impacted by the lagging growth in the workforce, how the boom in the housing market has created an exaggerated scarcity of lumber and what other U.S. resources are experiencing shortages.

Plus, commentary by Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier.