On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, GOP Candidate for Congress from Texas’ 6th District Susan Wright explained why the Biden administration his a nightmare on their hands at the southern border.

“I don’t want to put words in their mouths, but actions speak louder than words. And it seems like the Biden administration took a very secure, secure as it could be given the circumstances, border. They had a really good process going, President Trump had worked really hard, he and his administration and Mexico had a solid policy. And what happened, right away, he undid every bit of that. And I’ll tell you, we talked to thousands and thousands of Texans at their doors and they are not happy about it. Texas, along with the other border states, are bearing the brunt of this outrageous action, I guess it’s the only thing I can call it. So, yeah, it surely does seem like they’re more concerned with the visual than the reality. These people that are coming up here for a better life arguably are in a worse situation than the one they left. And they have absolutely no way to help themselves now. So whatever they intended to do, they’ve got a nightmare on their hands at the southern border.”