On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren gave examples of how confrontational the left has become when dealing with her and what Democrats truly want when the call for reforming police forces.

“Just this past weekend I had two incidents. I had a girl from the sixth floor of an apartment complex try to throw eggs at me. Of course, being a liberal, she’s not super athletic. So she missed me. But yes, she tried to throw eggs at me. Yesterday, I had a grown man with a cigarette in hand and a mask on his face telling me I’m ‘Nazi Barbie’ and telling me that I dance on the graves of Native Americans. I mean, the left has become so emboldened now that where it used to be, for me, just people attacking me on social media, now they’re doing what Maxine Waters said and they’re getting more confrontational because they believe they have this free pass. And I’m concerned it’s only going to get worse for all of us.”

“I think that they have gotten into such a rut, with such a narrative that they are carrying on, that again, somehow this is their moral crusade, because when you’ve got years and years of our leaders in this country and one party in particular routinely demonizing police, routinely telling people, especially in these minority communities, that police are their enemy, then don’t be surprised when that cycle continues. And then you’ve got an entire group of people in this country who truly do believe, and many of them truly do believe this, that the police are out to get them and the police are inherently racist, that the police are inherently sent to harm them. And so they do believe in their banner ‘Defund The Police.'”

“The Democrats, they don’t actually want to defund the police. They don’t actually want to get rid of law enforcement. They just want to nationalize or even globalize law enforcement. They want things to get so bad, so lawless that they say, hey, guess what, I guess we need more government, bigger government, nationalize police. They’re never going to stop wanting to enforce laws. They just want to enforce the laws that they want to enforce. And they want to have control, not in the hands of sheriffs and police departments, but at the hands of the federal government, which they control. So make no mistake about it, this is all just a roundabout way of getting what they really want, which is complete and total control of this country.”