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Martha MacCallum, executive editor & anchor of The Story 3pm ET & Fox News Politics co-anchor joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss her exclusive interview with Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers.

Martha MacCallum spars with teachers union president over critical race theory in classrooms: ‘That’s a dodge’

Martha MacCallum said,

“She’s come on the show several times, which we really appreciate. I am very passionate and, you know, involved in education and I think these are some of the most compelling, important issues of our time. So the first section we talked about school reopening and influence that the AFT has on the White House and on the CDC. And in the second segment, we talked about critical race theory. so we got we covered a lot of bases. And I think that, you know, she there’s always going to be looking back and wondering what was lost with these kids and the amount of time that they lost in the classroom this year. And there’s obviously a very good argument that they should have been there based on science and based on transmission rates. And that’s why so many other Catholic schools and charter schools and private schools across the country were already back in schools, across the, around the globe went back. And I think we lost something that, you know, some of these kids are never going to get back. And I don’t think there’s much of an effort to help them catch up. I think there should be a movement in this country to do summer school and also to to say with some kids like, you know, let’s repeat third grade. These are important years and there’s nothing wrong with that given the circumstances that we’ve been through.”