While millions of Americans have already received the at least one dose of the vaccine there are still some who are vaccine hesitant. And some experts believe that this will prevent the United States from reaching herd immunity. Brett Giroir, is a retired admiral, pediatrician and former assistant health secretary under President Trump, he joins the ‘ Rundown’ and claims the Biden administration’s mixed messaging on masks and what he calls misinformation on Operation Warp Speed is playing a part in vaccine hesitancy. Admiral Giroir also discusses children ages 12-15 being able to receive the vaccine and weighs in on the U.S. waiving COVID vaccine patents.

President Biden and other prominent Democrats have been outspoken about a recent Georgia voting law from the Republican state legislature, criticizing this law and labeling it as the ‘new Jim Crow.’  Pulitzer Prize winning author and Professor of History at Pepperdine University Ed Larson joins to explain the origins behind the phrase ‘Jim Crow,’ how these discriminatory laws impacted black Americans throughout the 20th century and how the Civil Right movement targeted and took down long term racist law in the country.

Plus, commentary by Fox News contributor Joe Concha.