On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reacted to the job numbers announced Friday being lower than expected and what those numbers meant to the economy.

“The biggest problem we have now in our economy is that the federal government has subsidized sitting on your couch, I’ll be nice. We are paying people not to work so employers cannot hire the people they need to run their manufacturing plants, to be in the service industry. That is the biggest impediment now to the economy that just wants to roar, that already is taking off. But this is what will hold us back, is the fact that we subsidize people not going to work.”

“At the depth of the COVID recession, we were down to about 25 million jobs from a record number prior to the recession. Right now, we’re down maybe nine or 10 million jobs at most. And we sent out checks to one hundred and sixty six million Americans twice. And then the third time we targeted a little bit better, but I’m sure it went over to more than 100 million Americans. Why? What’s that about? We’re mortgaging our children’s future. It wasn’t necessary. And so we spent these trillions of dollars an what did we really get out of it, other than an awful lot of human misery in many, many respects.”