Guy Benson On ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Accused Of White Supremacist Hand Signal

Listen To Guy’s FULL Monologue Below:

On Today’s Guy Benson Show, Guy gave a sharp monologue on a Jeopardy contestant who was accused of using White Supremacist Hand Signals.

Guy said,

“Time for an edition of Woke Tales, and this story is so stupid and yet so illustrative. There is a contestant on Jeopardy who was recently on the show. You may have heard about this, got into hot water with some of the viewers of the show and former contestants on the show because of a hand gesture that he made. His name is Kelly Donahue, and he was appearing on the show for the fourth time because he had won three episodes. And while he was being introduced on this fourth show where he was defeated, the voice over guy introducing him said that he was a three time champion for three days running and he held up three fingers. His last three fingers and then his thumb and index finger kind of made a little bit of a circle like the OK sign, but he was indicating three. I’ve won three in a row. And he done it with one, he’d done it with two, and now he’s got three wins and he just put up those three fingers. And because there are deranged people out there, they decided that was a white supremacy symbol. Apparently, this is a thing with a small number of white supremacists has something to do with three percent, I don’t even understand the background to it whatsoever, but people use the OK sign for all sorts of different reasons.”

Guy added,

“Yet this guy who was saying, I’ve won three days in a row holding up three fingers with an OK sign. Well, this became a problem. So more than 500. Former Jeopardy contestant signed a letter. Where they accused him of racism. And white supremacy and demanding an explanation and an apology and accountability and all this stuff, it’s completely insane. He put out a statement saying, no, that’s not what I was doing at all. It’s a terrible misunderstanding. He said he was very, very upset. That this was interpreted this way, he said, I absolutely, unequivocally condemn white supremacy and racism of any kind. He said the whole thing was very upsetting to him. But all these hundreds of former contestants who all got together like little nasty busybodies. Who convinced themselves that they could signal their virtue by denouncing white supremacy where it does not exist. They nevertheless refer to him as using, quote, a racist dog whistle. They had no evidence. They had no ability. To assign that motive to him whatsoever. And it appears to be a completely made up, bogus motive. And he had a bunch people just rushed out to try to cancel this guy.”