On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) explained why he thinks President Biden won’t talks about the border crisis during his address to Congress.

“They’re playing hide and go seek with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. They’re not even thinking about visiting the border. They’re not talking about it, they avoid it. I’ll be shocked if President Biden mentions the border tonight. I don’t think he will. Here’s the numbers that we’re seeing at the moment. A thousand people per day right now fled in the US. The border apprehensions in March were five times what they were a year ago March. In fact, the Border Patrol folks tell us that they think they will see one-hundred-eighty-four-thousand migrant children cross the border by the end of fiscal ’21, the highest ever. That’s a new high water mark. But the other thing that’s shocking and not talked about enough is the seizures in drugs. The cartels are running wild across our border, not just on the human side, but we’ve seen of two hundred and thirty three percent increase in fentanyl seizures from last year, just a year ago. And fentanyl is absolutely one of the most dangerous, deadly, potent drugs, and it puts our members of law enforcement in danger. You talk to law enforcement, it’s just a little, they’ve shown me what the fentanyl looks like, like a little powdered sugar, just a little bit on your tip of your finger, is lethal. You think about this right now to members of law enforcement here out in the streets here, try to enforce the law.”