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Dr. Nicole Saphier, Board Certified Medical Doctor, Senior Fox News Medical Contributor & bestselling author joined Fox News Radio’s Guy benson Show to decuess the importance of still getting your second dose of your COVID-19 shot. Reports show that millions of Americans are skipping their second doses of Covid Vaccines.

Dr. Saphier responded saying,

“Yes, the far majority of people just have a sore arm after the second dose. But there are reports of people feeling fatigue, sluggish. You know, some people get a fever, have a headache. And so they’re saying, well, we don’t necessarily want that to happen. And I can understand that. But you have to remember that all of the clinical trial data is based on those two doses. So, yes, well, clinical trial data and anecdotally, it tells us you can have up to 80 percent immunity after that single dose. The really the long term effects of the immunity and that over 90 percent immunity is really based on the two dose regimen. We have less information on the one dose.”

Dr. Saphier added,

“Well, absolutely, I think if you are if the goal is to have the strongest immune response in the highest immunity possible, that’s going to come with the two dose regimen. I can understand why people may hesitate, but I can tell you that not everyone responds equally. And just because after one dose, maybe some people have 70 to 80 percent immunity. That’s not everyone. And especially the older you get, the less your immune response is. So there are many people will require that second dose to really get that immunity. So by foregoing it, you’re really putting yourself, subjecting yourself to possibly not having sufficient immunity. And then what was the point of getting the first dose at all?”