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Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA),Joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to dispute the FBI’s conclusion about the 2017 baseball field shooting was ‘Suicide By Cop’.

Congressman Scalise slammed the conclusion saying,

“Yeah Guy, it was outrageous when we saw that was the classification, because that’s not what it is. This was not suicide by cop. Everybody knows that. I think even the Department of Homeland Security considered it domestic terrorism because as you pointed out, the shooter had every intention of killing. Only Republicans asked some of the people who were leaving practice at the time to ensure that it was the Republican practice. Then, like you said, one guy that got his gun and started shooting and all of us on the battlefield didn’t know that the police officers that were with me were police officers because they were plainclothes. They weren’t even in uniform. So the idea that you would call that suicide by cop, it’s an insult to police officers, too, because you’re mischaracterizing what happened and everybody knows what it was. It was a politically motivated attack. And all of my colleagues on the baseball field that day, we’re just shocked and angry. I mean, we’re very angry that it’s been mischaracterized because that’s not a depiction of what happens and everybody knows it, including the FBI. So my colleague, Brad Wenstrup is one who really brought this to light last week in a hearing with the new FBI director. And I’ll say to his credit director, Ray, first of all, made the point that he was not the acting director at the time of this classification it was actually McCabe. If you remember back to McCabe, of the FBI, and McCabe is the one who did this classification. So what we’ve asked is that they go back and reclassify it and actually accurately depict in the report what really happened. And and also give us an explanation of why that inaccurate classification was made, because it is a disservice to everyone to see see it listed as something that it’s not. And and hopefully we can get that corrected for all of us, all of the members who were on the field that day feel very strongly about this.”