It has been three weeks since the trial of Derek Chauvin began and this morning the jury is set to hear closing statements before beginning deliberations. Nearly a year since the death of George Floyd ignited unrest and conversations about policing, the trial of the former police officer is being closely followed as it nears an end. Senior Fellow at the National Review Institute and former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has been covering the trial since it began and joins to break down the major developments in the trial, the different charges that Chauvin faces and how cities across the country are preparing for unrest following the verdict.

What if the US lost the ability to punish adversaries with sanctions because those countries have their own cryptocurrency? Founder of the Atlas Organization Dr. Jonathan Ward joins to discuss China’s new cryptocurrency, whether we should be planning for our adversaries to have their own bitcoin and how this could offset U.S. sanctions.

Plus, commentary by Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family.