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Mike Pompeo, 70th Secretary of State and a current distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute & Fox News Contributor joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss President Biden’s foreign policy and the push for the United States to pullout of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Mike Pompeo said,

“We moved a baseball game, an All-Star Game, in about a day. Surely we can get someone to move an Olympics in a year or so. Seems to me, also seems like common sense. Who would want to attend the genocide Olympics?, an Olympics that will forever in history be marred by the fact that the host of that nation, Xi Jinping, will stand on that Olympic field or in the stands and preside over the opening games. At the same time, he is presiding over the destruction, the genocidal activity in the western part of his country. I don’t know how someone holds those two thoughts in their head. I don’t know how any company would want to televise those games. I don’t know any athlete would want to be part of that. And I certainly don’t think that the United States wants to lend any credence in the same way that we made a mistake back in the 1930s to allow the Berlin games to go forward. We ought to get it moved. The IOC could do it. There’s plenty of time for that.”