On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor and podcast host Gianno Caldwell explained why President Biden is turning his back on his original opinions on adding more Justices to the Supreme Court just to appease the left wing of the Democratic Party.

“Back in 1983, Joe Biden was a second term Senator. He said Franklin D. Roosevelt’s court-packing proposal was a boneheaded idea. Now, Joe Biden is a bonehead, clearly. In 2019, Pete Buttigieg said we need to pack the court and I think he get fifteen justices, Joe Biden said we will rue the day that we do something like that. Now he’s looking to study it and certainly he’s looking to pass it. And this is where we are right now. Those folks who hated Donald Trump, who said his tweets were so bad, and I understand, I didn’t like all of his tweets. I get it. But I’m sure those folks are regretting where we are now because this seems like the country is on fire every week and the Democrats are completely taking over and getting their way at every turn. And what recourse do we have right now? The 2022 election cycle. And that’s going to be the major focus for Republicans. And that’s what we should be focused on right now. We must defeat the Democrats and take back the House. We got to take back the Senate, because right now we’re seeing a country that’s completely under a destructive order.”