On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich explains why he thinks Customs and Border Protection nominee Chris Magnus is the wrong person for President Biden to choose.

“I do worry that based on some of the comments he’s made before and some of the things that he’s done, that it’s a sign that I don’t think the administration is taking this as seriously as they should. It seems like if you were really taking this seriously, you would find to try to find somebody that had some bona fides as being tough on the border and say, OK, this is my person, he or she is going to go and they’re going to do this, someone that’s maybe acceptable to the folks that believe in border security. And that way you can actually get something done. If you’re a Democrat and you’re serious about this issue, you need to have someone that’s got a reputation as being tough on the border in order to actually get stuff done long term. And so I just worry that it’s a sign that they’re not really serious. I guess we’ll see what happens. I think that the agents themselves, the rank and file, the Border Patrol, I think this is a little bit demoralizing to them.”