We are living in some of the most fractured and contentious times where religion has morphed into politics and politics has become a religion. And this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, is a living reality of that fact. Let me explain. On Easter Sunday, the newly elected Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock’s tweeted a greeting that caused a storm of criticism because it trampled on the core tenet of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It might be forgiven if Warnock were a run of the mill politician unschooled in theological doctrine. But Warnock is also an ordained minister who leads Ebenezer Baptist Church, the iconic house of worship where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr preached. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, two ministers were supposed to discuss the tweet: one Black the other White. And not just any two. Odell Cleveland and Alex McFarland have a podcast called “I Hear Ya!” where any and all controversial subjects about race, religion and culture could be discussed in a faithful way, true to the Gospel. But apparently there are some subjects too controversial or perhaps too close to offending racial strongholds. Only Alex (who is White) came on to discuss the situation. Listen to the podcast, and understand how deep the divide is between race, politics and the Christian faith.