A new poll suggests that President Biden is getting solid marks on how he’s handling most issues facing the country, except one: the border. According to a AP-NORC poll, more than half of those surveyed disapprove with the White House’s border security and immigration policies. With the U.S. picking up  nearly 19,000 children traveling alone across the Mexican border in just March alone, the border problem is only getting bigger. How much of a political problem could this be for the Biden Administration? FOX News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy and Fox News Radio political analyst Josh Kraushaar discuss if the White House is concerned about the border issue and if they should be.

President Biden says he wants Congress to do more to address America’s gun violence. But as gun control legislation stalls in the Senate, he has said he will use executive orders that he believes will both save lives, and not go against the Second Amendment.  Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace discusses President Biden’s executive orders on guns, the likelihood of passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill and his own experience being vaccinated.

Plus, commentary from FOX News Contributor Liz Peek.