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Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News Medical Correspondent joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuses a New Study That Finds A third Of COVID Survivors Suffer Neurological Or Mental Disorders.

Dr. Siegel said,

“That’s pretty disturbing. But you have to understand, because they looked at over 200,000 people when they when they figured that out. But, you know, and it was published in The Lancet, which is a major British journal. The thing to consider also, though, is it doesn’t factor out people who may have been that way. There may have been psychiatric manifestations from the pandemic itself rather than actually from the virus. And that’s a piece of this. That’s a piece of this. But that’s not a big enough piece. There’s clearly and this this emphasizes what we already knew in a much bigger way, that there are definite impacts of the virus itself on behavior, on neurological problems. I mean, I’ve seen many of them myself. It affects the brain and affects it affects the nerves, peripheral nerves and central nerves.”