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On today’s Guy Benson Show, Guy gave a fiery monologue that blasted the media over a deceptively edited report by CBS News’s 60 minutes that purported to paint Florida Governor Ron Desantis (R-FL) engaging in pay to play regarding vaccine distribution.

Guy Benson blasted the misleading report saying,

“But the new culprit is not A, B or C list media outlet, it is 60 Minutes, CBS News. So they sent down one of their correspondents, Sharyn Alfonsi, to look into a quote unquote, scandal that we have addressed and debunked on this show already. We wrote about it last month. It was a little kerfuffle. A month ago. We addressed it. We got into specifics. There was nothing to it and we moved on. And now 60 Minutes and all the power and prestige of that program said, you know, let’s let’s go back and look at these allegations. And the piece that they produced is stunningly misleading. It is malpractise, it is untrue.”

Guy added,

“So 60 Minutes had to edit down their exchange. They went to a press conference where DeSantis disappeared and their correspondents shouting out questions about pay for play. And he gives a very detailed, lengthy answer about the process that led to the awarding of a contract, they only have so much time on CBS on 60 Minutes. So they edited what he said, but they left out some really important context.”