Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead; it is the cornerstone of Christianity. But what’s more, it’s what gives Christianity its power, ‘incomparably great power.’ For too long many Christian churches have treated the miracle of the Resurrection as something akin to the frosting on the cake or a high-five in the end-zone. It’s celebrated once a year, but pastor and theologian Dr. Timothy Keller says the Resurrection is something we can and should live out daily. For if the Resurrection happened, it changes everything, “how we conduct relationship, our attitudes toward wealth and power, how we work in our vocations, our understanding and practice of sexuality, race relations, and justice.” On this special Easter episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Keller, a best-selling author, talks about his new book, “Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter.” In it, he explores why the Resurrection gives the world still suffering from a pandemic, a hope for the past, present and future; that it makes Christianity “a historical, reasonable, and gracious faith; and that it is Heaven come to earth to begin the ‘restoration of the natural order,’ the world that God intended. Keller writes, “The Bible’s startling message is that when Jesus rose, he brought the future kingdom of God into the present. It is not here fully but it is here substantially.” Listen and learn how Easter is cause for a tremendous, Hallelujah! The Lord is Risen!