Guy Benson Calls Out Biden’s Lies Over Georgia Voting Law: “This Is As Divisive As Anything Donald Trump Ever Did Or Said”

Listen To The Monologue Below:

Guy Benson host of Fox News Radio’s ‘The Guy Benson Show’ gave a fiery monologue calling out the repeated lies from President Biden over the recently passed election reform bill in Georgia.

Guy sounded off saying,

“The president is lying about the law and then using the lies as his justification to, as president, endorse a boycott against a state, by the way, that voted for him in the last election. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has not indicated whatsoever that they’re in favor of an American boycott of the Olympics in Beijing, a country running actual concentration camps, forced labor camps, widespread systemic rape and ethnic cleansing. But Georgia, based on this garbage, the president has decided that he’s strongly in favor of this boycott.”

Benson added,

“Joe Biden’s whole thing was, look, I’m sort of this familiar grandpa figure. Let’s get along again. Everything’s exhausting with Trump. Everything’s so divisive. Let’s turn the page. This is extremely divisive. This is as divisive as anything Donald Trump ever did or said, in my opinion, lying aggressively, repeatedly after being fact checked in a way that absolutely misappropriated the heinous legacy of Jim Crow for current passing, cheap political game with no factual basis.”