On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick talks about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) comments about whether using terms like “surge” & “invasion” about the border crisis promotes a “white supremacist philosophy.”

“When I hear AOC say any who use the word surge or invasion is some kind of bad person. I don’t like to use these terms, I’m very careful when I use these words. But what she says is just idiotic. She has no clue what she’s ever talking about on anything. She’s not a Congressperson. She’s just a Twitter user who’s elected to office. She doesn’t have a clue about anything. And either she’s idiotic about what she says about what’s going on the border or she knows and she’s lying. So it’s a choice, because it’s clear to see. And with the President, he has a cabinet, he has agency heads who are reporting to him. But once again, is he just clueless or does he know what’s going on and just not telling the American people the truth?”

“This is a designed disaster. They are clueless or they’re lying to the American people. But the puppet masters, because the President is just a puppet, you know, he’s on the strings of everyone. And what their goal is, is to get millions more in here with the millions already here, give them all citizenship before the 2024 elections and then vote harvest as many as they can. So the Republicans can’t win anything.”