Josh Holmes, Founding Partner of Cavalry LLC and co-host of The Ruthless Podcast joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss Georgia’s new election reform law and fact checks the fact-checkers over a misconception in the new law over electioneering at the polls.

Josh Holmes said,

“Yeah, so we just had a disagreement about basically who is providing the water, right, and these laws are not new at all Guy. There around been around forever. There are many states, many very blue states have these on the books. And what it is, is an attempt to try to dissuade electioneering at the polls. In other words, you know, a campaign or a candidate can’t go to people waiting in line and provide them stuff. And, you know, it just makes sense. Right. But the Georgia law is very specific in one way. And it goes on to explicitly cite the manner in which water may be provided. It’s sort of unique that way. Right. Like if you could if the argument was that they banned giving out hot dogs in line, I couldn’t make an argument about that. Yeah, probably did. But in terms of water, they ultimately specifically mentioned it in the statute, which is what my point was.”

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