President Biden gave his first press conference on Thursday since taking office in January. The President answered questions from reporters on various topics including immigration, filibuster reform, our relationship with China and voting rights. Former White House Press Secretary and Fox News Contributor Kayleigh McEnany and co-host of “The Five” and Democratic Strategist Juan Williams examine the big takeaways and how the President performed.

Part of President Biden’s infrastructure plan includes investments through tax credits, in renewable energy such as solar. Some utility companies are buying more solar technology as scientists are working to make solar more cost effective and efficient. One concern is where the panels will be installed since they require large spaces. Energy companies are solving that problem by sinking millions into “solar farms.” Fox News Correspondent, Mark Meredith discusses the future of the solar industry, how energy from the sun is converted into electricity and the steady increase in solar farms.

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Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America.”