On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Analyst Kayleigh McEnany discussed why the Biden administration aren’t allowing the press to see what is really happening at the border, and what could happen to their base if images from the border were seen.

“They care about how their progressive base views them. And in my view, that’s why they’re not sharing pictures of what’s going on at the border, they’re not allowing media to go down to the border because they know their progressive base, AOC and others, have already criticized the fact that they have these holding facilities for children. Now, imagine if there were pictures to accompany that. There have been reports that some of these kids aren’t showered for days, as some of these kids go see sunlight for days. And only when they shower are they able to get a peek at sunlight. I was reading a report about just the atrocities and how crowded they are. And if the progressive base saw that, it would be complete and utter rebellion from the progressive base and likely from the conservatives as well. So, yes, they care about messaging and images, which is why they’re just blocking out the press entirely.”