On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) discussed why he focused on what’s good in America and not those who on the Democratic side who speak negatively of him.

“One of the prayers I had a long time ago is God, let me feel the pain that I should feel so that I can understand the plight of everybody who goes through something that they shouldn’t have to go through. So for me, I do feel the pain. I do feel the misery when people are just plain stupid, bigoted and uninterested in reality. But at the same time, it gives me the momentum and the inspiration to stand up and be counted for those folks like me who’ve experienced the best of America. And it’s not because I’m a United States Senator. I experience the best of America when a Chick-fil-A operator who happen to be a white guy saw a poor black kid, and didn’t say poor black kid, he says, ‘This is an individual with unlimited potential. I’m going to help him tap into that unlimited potential.’ That’s the greatness of America. It doesn’t happen when you’re at the top. It happens when you’re at the bottom when someone extends a hand down and pulls you up because they believe in you. That’s America. So we need to keep doing what we’ve always done and stop listening to the naysayers and those who profit from misery. People have learned how to monetize misery and they do it even if it brings up the worst in us.”