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Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI/8) joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to talk about the Democrat backed ‘election integrity’ bill HR 1 aimed at reforming election laws.

Rep. Mike Gallagher said,

“It really is remarkable in its aggressiveness and what it is trying to do, which is nothing less than fundamentally remake our entire election system and nationalize it. I mean, that is the thrust of the bill is to assert the complete control of the federal government over our election process, which has traditionally been determined by the states.”

Gallagher added,

“I mean, this really is an egregious bill. And I just would say in closing, if a state wants to make some of these changes, go for it. But that is a conversation and a decision that must be made at the state level, not at the federal government level. In fact, I think every state should do a version of what Florida did after the 2000 debacle and look at their voting procedures and figure out how to strike that right balance between making it easy to vote, but very hard, if not impossible to cheat. But it is a state decision, not a federal government decision.”