On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, New York Assemblyman Ron Kim discussed how CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo said he would not cover the allegations against his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, despite the two of them joking on TV during the height of the COVID pandemic.

“I was on the ground yelling with my constituents who couldn’t see their loved ones, who knew that COVID was transmitting and they were literally seeing their loved ones die of agony and pain alone with no funeral. And I turned the TV on and I see his brother and Andrew cracking jokes. I stopped watching TV for six months. I couldn’t take it because I felt gaslit at times. And I was like am I living in another reality, what is going on? Like, how come people are not telling the truth? I literally felt so demoralized and my consultants, I had a re-election, they kept telling me, don’t attack the governor. He is polling in 80%, 90%. You’re going to lose your reelection if you attack the governor. I didn’t care because people were dying. People needed justice, people needed truth. And it wasn’t just me. There were plenty of other courageous, brave public servants who were speaking at the same time. But how do you compete when you have a brother on CNN giving you cover every single night on national TV?”