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Chris Wallace, Host of Fox News Sunday joined FOX News Radio’s Guy Benson Show and detailed President Biden’s COVID relief
package that is making it’s way through Congress.

Chris Wallace said,

“In Congress, it all comes down to the math. If you’ve got the votes, you can do anything you want. I think that between now and March, when they want to get this thing passed, they’re going to take some hits. I have to say the stuff I didn’t know, you know, it turns out that of this hundred and thirty or whatever it is, over 100 billion dollars for schools to and it was ostensibly to help schools reopen. But I think that figure is 95 percent of it doesn’t even go out. This year, we’re only in February of this year and, you know, in terms of the pandemic and reopening schools, you would think that whatever is going to be done has to be done this year. But if 95 percent of this money isn’t going to go out until 2022, is it, as you say, is really covid relief at all?”