On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf explained why the facilities White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki once called “kids in cages” and the ones she called “child migrant facilities” are exactly the same.

“They are, in fact, the same facility, so that same facility was opened up, I believe, in 2019 to house minors and I believe there’s also some other reporting that they’re looking at other facilities for single adults and for families and other populations. These are some of the same facilities, same conversations that we went through in 2019. And so it’s very just disingenuous and dishonest to say that it is remarkably different because it’s the same and they’re experiencing the same problem that we experience, which is you have a large influx of individuals, you have to house them to an extent to process them, and then you have to find other alternatives in other locations for them. And they are experiencing that. I think what’s coming to the forefront is they now have to actually govern instead of it being in campaign mode the entire time. And so they’re running into some realities of that.”