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Jessica Tarlov, Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show and spoke about the confirmation battle over Biden's pick for head the Office of Management and Budget.

Jessica Tarlov said,

"Well, so I have a little bit of a different take on Neera Tanden from The Jump. And, you know, I don't think the tweets are really the thing. Right? I think with Joe Manchin, he is he's going to vote yes on covid relief and so he needed to show West Virginia voters who voted for Trump by, what, like a thirty six point margin or something insane like that, that he hasn't gone hog wild with the left. And so I think that explains Joe Manchin. But I always saw Neera Tanden as a sacrificial lamb because her nomination came out around the same time where Biden very much picked up a left field nominee in general, Lloyd Austin for DOD, because there had been all this hullabaloo about getting a waiver. Right. And there were a number of Democrats on record saying that they would not vote for another military waiver because the rule is that you want someone out of uniform for seven years before they go into a cabinet level position. And we know how close Biden is with Jim Clyburn and how central black voters were to his success in the primary and in South Carolina completely revolutionized the race right on the Democratic side and then moving into Super Tuesday. And I think that Lloyd Austin was more of a priority for him than has perhaps been discussed. And there was going to be someone that was going to have a tough time. And I think that Neera is great and I think that she's qualified. She advised two presidents. She's the head of a really big think tank. She's great policy graps. But I, I didn't feel that she was as important to the Biden plan as having Lloyd Austin as the first black head of the Department of Defense."