The Black Church is unique to America. Born in the tumultuous years of slavery, nurtured in the fight for freedom and civil rights; it is a political and spiritual powerhouse of shared cultural experiences of a community that has suffer the weight of injustice. But things are changing in the Black Church. A new Pew study found that while sixty percent of Black Americans attend churches where the majority of the congregation and the ministers are Black, there’s a large percentage that says race doesn’t matter, and that if they were looking for a new church, the race of the congregation or the ministers wouldn’t matter. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, lead Pew researcher, Dr. Besheer Mohamed breaks down the survey’s stats and explains what it means for the Black Church and what it means as the country moves forward tackling its most salient conflicts. Will the Black Church diversify and become more multicultural? Or will it maintain is distinctive style of cultural engagement?