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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) responded to talks about him running for Governor against Andrew Cuomo and why the current NY Governor should be held accountable for his actions in the nursing home controversy.

"I've been asked by many of people for months now to consider this because I believe in New York and one party control in New York is killing us. And Governor Cuomo needs to be taken down. So stay tuned. We're going to continue. But the days of Governor Cuomo are numbered and they need to be because New York State, not only on the nursing home deaths, but the future of New York, it doesn't have much more window to get its fiscal house in order, get it attractive so that New Yorkers can stay there like my kids. And I will tell you, that's what I'm all about, making a difference when we're elected office, not to get headlines, but to do the hard work. And he gives press conferences. That's why he got the Emmy. And I told people, yeah, that's his positive. I gave him credit for that. But when you don't follow it up with action and you kill 15,000 people, accountability's coming. Governor Cuomo, his days are numbered."

"This is about 15,000 souls that were killed because of Governor Cuomo order back in March 25th, 2020 when he sent these COVID-positive patients that he knew and that they knew where COVID-19 positive into our nursing homes where people without COVID-19 were there and ended up killing 15,000 people. That is the facts. And then he covered it up. He lied about it. His number two in command went to the State Senate and Assembly and lied about it. And the Department of Justice and the FBI are in his offices as we speak to not only investigate the cover up, but hold accountable, where is this information, Where is this data and why didn't you give it to the Department of Justice when they were asking for it? And I can tell you right now, accountability is coming."