On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox Nation host Lara Logan from "Lara Logan Has No Agenda" discusses why plans like the Green New Deal and the proclamations by Bill Gates and others have led to millions in Texas to not have power or heat during this week's major snowstorm.

"The reason the natural gas pipelines have not been maintained and are not able to kick into overdrive and fill the demand right now is that they've been surrendered at the altar of the Green New Deal. Which is a very serious tradeoff between what you can really do to affect the climate and to help preserve the planet in our natural resources versus how many people you're willing to sacrifice in order to do so. Because those like Bill Gates, those like AOC, the proponents of Green New Deal, those people don't care how many of us die. In fact, what they have said repeatedly is that a planet with fewer people is a better planet. So when they say tax beef, get rid of cows, they know that an enormous number of people in the Third World will die of starvation. And in fact, Oxford University did a study and they asked, what price are you willing to pay to save the planet? So once again, it's you know, it's just bottom feeders who don't matter. We're just there to service the elites and keep the planet nice and safe and healthy for them."