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On today's Guy Benson Show, Guy Benson gave a monologue laying out the stark contrast between the media's coverage of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's COVID response compared to Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis.

Guy Benson said,

"I want to return to a subject that we have been hammering on for months now in the context of the pandemic and it's this ongoing battle. Particularly in the media when it comes to the coverage and the perceptions of New York, which is a mess right now for all sorts of reasons, and we cover that heavily at the start of the show. Andrew Cuomo's problems, keep getting worse. And if you miss that monologue, I strongly encourage you to go back and listen on the free podcast, that Guy Benson show Dotcom, then you've got Florida, on the other hand, which has been consistently attacked as sort of the exemplar of all that is wrong with America's covid response, with Ron DeSantis, the governor presiding over just a catastrophe. They've gotten the hashtag going Death-Santise. And there's just no connection to reality. Results, outcomes, the press has been all in on this strategy, in this narrative from day one. I think they have it out for the DeSantis, I think they view him as a threat. They're angry that he won that race in the first place down in Florida. He was expected to lose and then he didn't. Big, big sin for a Republican. And worse, he's been doing a good job, but they're committed to the bit, as they say."