On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Jimmy paid tribute to Rush Limbaugh on the day of his passing and spoke to legendary radio executive Mike McVay about how Rush revolutionized AM talk radio and paved the way for the hosts that came after him.

"The only thing you found on AM radio stations was big band music or maybe 60s oldies. And when Rush came along, it really revitalized that band. A lot of people found him, there were restaurants that would start what they called 'Rush rooms' and would play the radio station that he was on locally very loud. And people would come in and have their lunch and and listen to his show."

"His show morphed over the years. While it was political talk, there was a lot of humor. And he would take to task celebrities who would attack Grammy winners or talk about the Academy Award winners and make fun of their clothes and had a good time with it. Probably over the years as the first President Bush came along and he was invited to the White House to show took on more of a political tone and really became the bell mark for many, many people."

"He was one of those rare people that not only revitalized radio that was falling apart, the AM band at that time, but so many other major talk talent, there were a lot of other wannabes in local markets who would try to sound like Rush. And I would always discourage that. I would say to them, he's Rush. You're not going to be able to do what he does. You need to do your own thing."